Yes, it's true...we're leaving the Longhorn business.

"Time changes everything" as they say and all of us "experienced" parents and grandparents know that to be so very true. While time can't change our passion for Longhorn Cattle or our special Longhorn friends we've made along the way, it has changed our priorities and focus to our family and grandchildren who live hours and miles away on the West Coast.

Having only spent approx. 10 weekends a year at the Ranch for the past few years, we realize that someone else would get more enjoyment from both the Ranch and our precious Longhorn cattle.

Starting immediately, we will be selling all of Longhorns and both of our Ranches. We hope to have everything sold within the next six months, thus having to avoid a dispersal auction. All animals are shown on our website and are priced very fairly.

For information or to purchase an animal please call Bruce Hazlewood at 979-277-8016. You can also message us through our website or social media. Please Note: Our website will be hard to keep current with the speed at which our animals are selling. All inquiries will be responded to, but all animals listed on the website are subject to prior sales.

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported our breeding program by buying our animals or allowing us to purchase yours and to all of the friends we've made who will remain some of our closest and dearest. We know that our longhorns will end up in good hands.

Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs, Deer Creek Longhorns