May 2018

Yes, it's true...we're leaving the Longhorn business.

"Time changes everything" as they say and all of us "experienced" parents and grandparents know that to be so very true. While time can't change our passion for Longhorn Cattle or our special Longhorn friends we've made along the way, it has changed our priorities and focus to our family and grandchildren who live hours and miles away on the West Coast.

Having only spent approx. 10 weekends a year at the Ranch for the past few years, we realize that someone else would get more enjoyment from both the Ranch and our precious Longhorn cattle.

Starting immediately, we will be selling all of Longhorns and both of our Ranches. We hope to have everything sold within the next six months, thus having to avoid a dispersal auction. All animals are shown on our website and are priced very fairly.

For information or to purchase an animal please call Bruce Hazlewood at 979-277-8016. You can also message us through our website or social media. Please Note: Our website will be hard to keep current with the speed at which our animals are selling. All inquiries will be responded to, but all animals listed on the website are subject to prior sales.

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported our breeding program by buying our animals or allowing us to purchase yours and to all of the friends we've made who will remain some of our closest and dearest. We know that our longhorns will end up in good hands.


Frank & Michelle Hevrdejs, Deer Creek Longhorns

March 2018

It’s time for the Legacy Sale and the biggest and best sale of the year has arrived. We have more hotel rooms, more dinner reservations and more great cows than at any previous Legacy. Friday will again feature the Wesley Westbrook band so bring your favorite dancing boots.

In 2017 we had the best heifer crop ever at Deer Creek. Check the lineup out, there is something for everyone.

September 2017

It's finally fall and our favorite season has arrived. There are two big longhorn events coming up. The Hudson Valentine sale in Ft. Worth where the longest horn bull ever, Cowboy Tuff, will be auctioned; and then the Longhorn Extravaganza in Oklahoma City with the Longhorn World Championship horn contest, a terrific futurity and a great sale. Don’t miss either event.

For those of us in the Texas gulf coast area we are still recovering from the horrible damage done by Hurricane Harvey. We were fine but seven of our friends had major flood damage with three suffering a complete loss of their homes. Our prayers go out to those affected by this storm and to our friends in Florida as Hurricane Irma slammed them. There are many good ways to help the hurricane victims and we urge everyone to help in some manner.

At Deer Creek we have a wonderful crop of calves and some of the best bull prospects we have ever raised. Please take a look at our website and call Bruce if you have any questions. Also, our much awaited “Fall Specials” will be announced within the next week with some great bargains. Just a reminder, Fall Specials must be paid for within 10 days or they are back for sale.

I hope to see many of you in Oklahoma City. We wish everyone a wonderful thanksgiving.

March 2017

If you thought you had been at an exciting longhorn auction, there was nothing like Legacy XIII. We had over 300 longhorn enthusiasts on Saturday night and we sold a cow for $380,000, more than twice the former world record for a longhorn!! Bill and Judy Meredith got a five minute long standing ovation when they purchased 3S Danica from Alan Sparger. Legacy XIII total sales were over $1,150,000, a record for Legacy sales.

This was the first sale of the new TLCA and our board was extremely pleased to roll out the greatest horn show ever. Our next event is the Cherry Blossom sale in Virginia over Easter weekend and this is always the best east coast sale of the season, we hope you attend.

We have had a nice calving season at Deer Creek so far this year and our crop of 2016 heifers is our best yet. We always welcome visitors at Deer Creek, just Call Bruce at 979-277-8016 and he will schedule a visit.

Thanks for your interest in Texas longhorns and your support of the TLCA.

December 2016

As 2016 is rapidly coming to an end I would like to thank the longhorn community for your help, support and friendship during this very eventful year.

At the Longhorn World Championship the TLMA made two major announcements. First, we have changed our name to the Texas Longhorn Cattle Association, the TLCA, to better reflect the services we offer to the longhorn industry. Second, we announced the formation of the TLCA longhorn registry which will be run by Trish David who many of you know and admire. The new registry will feature the easiest registry for breeders to use and our promise of first-class help with any registry or other longhorn related issue. The new registry will be up and running in January 2017 so please remember to get on the TLCA bandwagon with your new calves.

Our biggest sale of the year, The Legacy Sale, will again be in Grapevine, Texas on March 17-18 at the Embassy Suites Outdoor World. This event features an outstanding heifer sale, a prime cow sale and a great time including dancing to the Wesley Westbrook Band. This is the longhorn event of the year. Don’t miss it!

At Deer Creek Longhorns we have THE BEST calf crop we have ever enjoyed. Please remember that our team, headed up by Bruce Hazelwood, can show you our operation with just a few days’ notice. We take pride in having something for all level of breeder at Deer Creek.

Michelle and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year.

July 2016

As most of you know the proposed TLMA/ITLA merger has been terminated. Both boards worked for over nine months to present a plan that would have greatly benefited the longhorn industry. A few very vocal breeders conducted a social media campaign of vicious, erroneous information and the merger was never presented to either board for a vote. The longhorn industry lost a great opportunity in the process. As chairman of the TLMA I want to assure all our members that we are in great shape and that the Longhorn Extravaganza in Oklahoma City should be the best fall show ever. We are also going to start a futurity along with the horn measurement awards and sale. You will not want to miss this event.

At Deer Creek we continue to have better and better calves on the ground. We tragically lost three heifers in a flash flood in May when we received 15 inches of rain in 9 hours and the creek running through our property became a raging river. All is well now and we are back to our usual activity of raising and enjoying longhorns.

See you in Oklahoma City.

April 2016

We have had LOTS and LOTS of rain this spring but it’s better than the alternative.

The Legacy Sale was a big success with record average lots for both the heifer sale and the Saturday sale. To all the buyers, consignors and sponsors a big TLMA thank you. We had 275 attendees for the Friday heifer sale and dance and over 320 for the Legacy sale on Saturday! What a turnout. The Cherry Blossom was another great sale and a big thanks to Ann Gravett for hosting another terrific party.

At Deer Creek we are watching our group of terrific young cows chasing after the horn mark set by Miss Kitty. As the breed continues to improve we see all aspects of longhorns getting better, not just the horn measurements. We have three of the best looking Cowboy Chex sons ever and they will be featured as weanling in the July Herd Sire issue of the Journal. If you are looking for a great bull prospect check them out.

More great sales are coming up and remember to call Bruce if you would like to come by to visit our ranch and see our herd. A new group of SPECIALS will be posted soon.


As we begin 2016 we see a great line-up of events for the year. In March The Legacy will have its 12th sale and it promises to be the best one yet. The heifer sale and entertainment will be on Friday night and the cow sale on Saturday. You will not want to miss this event so sign up now if you have not already done so. The Cherry Blossom will again feature a chance for east coast breeders to showcase their animals. This is always a terrific time. Bill Hudson is again putting on his first-class event and a chance for the Midwest breeders to grab a top longhorn. And Red McCombs will once again put on his remarkable sale in Johnson City Texas which is always a blast. There are many other great events that I did not mention, you can check for them on the TLMA calendar website.

At Deer Creek we continue to have good water and grass and we continue to enjoy a crop of great calves. At the end of 2015 we had three fantastic Cowboy Chex bull calves that we will price in March. Let us know if you want one of these as they go fast. We expect Barbie's Caliber to pass 90” TTT this year giving us two 90” TTT cows, can’t wait!

Remember that guests are always welcome at Deer Creek, just give Bruce a call at 979-277-8016. We have something for all breeders. Happy New Year!

Fall 2015

Our favorite time of the year is here. We have cooled down; the year has had good rain and we are starting to get our crop of fall calves. The Longhorn Extravaganza is around the corner and there are some great animals for sale. Make sure to mark your calendars!

RM Miss Kitty passed the 93” TTT mark in September, only the second longhorn cow to achieve this mark. She is a great cow and continues to put on horn. There will be a special opportunity for one of her calves at The Legacy Sale next March.

Our young Iron Hail bull, Iron Son, impresses everyone that sees him. He will be over 70” TTT @ 24 months. See him at the Longhorn Extravaganza.

Check out our fall specials for some real bargains.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the Longhorn Family!

May 2015

Deer Creek is pleased to welcome a fabulous new herd sire to our pastures. Tumbling Dice, an LLL Lucky son, is now owned by the MacLeod/Dameron/Hevrdejs Partnership. Tumbling Dice is the great genetic, brindle, bull we have been looking for. He will be bred only to top cows with the right pedigree. We will have his calves on the ground next spring. Can’t wait!

The Cherry Blossom and the McCombs sales were great successes with lots of good cows and a chance to catch up with other breeders. The Millennium Futurity and The Red River Sale are this month and then it’s time for the summer break. As the spring season is coming to an end start marking your calendars for the fall events.

Check out our heifer DC Sadie Q at the Millennium Futurity. She is the longest horn heifer ever at DCF!

April 2015

The spring season is off and running at full tilt. The Legacy sale was a rousing success with the highest average prices the sale had ever had. The Hudson-Valentine sale was also very successful. The Cherry Blossom is right around the corner and is one of the best events of the year with a party hosted by Ann Gravett, don’t miss it!

Cowboy Chex continues to amaze us with his production. We seem to run out of his calves each year. Our yearling bull, Cowboy Chrome, has so much size, horn and eye-appeal that we can’t wait for him to start breeding. There are several good looking bull calves under our “Bull Prospect” category. We also have the best heifer crop ever.

The Bluebonnets are the best they have been in years. Come on by and enjoy the wildflowers and look at our herd. Just give Bruce a call.

November 2014

Here we are almost at year-end. This year marked great sales events as well as the passing of some of our legends, Ben Gravett, Joe Valentine and Joe Assad. They will be remembered in our Thanksgiving prayer for all they did for the longhorn industry. The LWC was a great success and Deer Creek was very proud to have had the top selling lot, DC Cowboy’s Angel who now resides at G&G Longhorns. We are posting some great year-end specials for you to look at. Our summer specials were very popular and there are great longhorns included in the new list. Remember that the deadline for the Legacy Sale consignments in December 8. We promise that this will be another fantastic event with a lively party and dancing on Friday. From the Hevrdejs family, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and thanks for being longhorn friends.

August 2014

We have had a nice summer in Brenham, good rain, so far no temperatures above 95 and a very good set of 2014 calves. Look for yourself, there are some really outstanding calves. We have also been lucky in having two Miss Kitty heifers, one from her breeding to Cowboy Grande and another from a Top Caliber embryo. Both of these heifers look outstanding. We have an interesting game that will be available for you to follow in The Longhorn Journal, “Chasing Miss Kitty”. We will publish her measurements from three years old until she reached 90” TTT at nine and a half. You can see how your cows are measuring up and follow our list of challengers.

Please mark your calendars for the LWC in Oklahoma City in October. We promise to have a great lineup in the sale and the competition for bronzes will be ferocious! This is the best place to show off your prize longhorns.

It is with great sorrow that we acknowledge the passing of two legends in our industry, Ben Gravett and Joe Valentine. These men pushed the breed forward for many years and their presence at a sale always meant active bidding and fun. Our condolences to Ann Gravett, Lorinda Valentine and their families

April 2014

The spring sale season is off and running and The Legacy Sale started things off. Our big news was buying RM Miss Kitty, only the second 90” TTT in the breed. We plan on flushing Miss Kitty to maximize her tremendous genetics. Hopefully we will have embryos for sale sometime in the future.

We are also proud to announce that we have sold a 50% interest in our star bull Cowboy Chex to Hoosier Longhorns in Indiana. Cowboy Chex will be spending May-October in a cooler climate than central Texas and we believe that this may make his life a little more enjoyable as he will have very few 100 degree days to deal with. Hoosier Longhorns is a top quality operation and we thank the Jones boys for their interest in Cowboy Chex.

February 2014

2014 looks like a good year for longhorn enthusiasts. Most breeders’ areas had a good rain year in 2013 and this year continues that trend. We have a great line-up of sales and I urge all fellow breeders to participate in the sales; it’s a great way to make new friends and contacts and find out how your animals stack up.

At Deer Creek we have a new program which can give you the opportunity to breed to one of our top cows. Call Bruce Hazelwood and he will explain the program to you. We have four young cows tracking close to 90” TTT which gives us a reason to pull out the tape on a regular basis. We have great consignments at a number of shows, including two 80” cows that would make any breeder proud.

Cowboy Chex just keeps producing outstanding calves. You can get Cowboy Chex genetics in your herd through his calves or from his semen. Call us for either choice, you won’t be sorry.

We hope that many of you will attend this year’s Legacy Sale. It’s the Legacy’s 10th anniversary and Michelle has put together outstanding entertainment for Friday’s event, you won’t want to miss it.

November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We love this time of the year. There will be 40 of us in our party barn for Thanksgiving dinner.    The big fall sales are over and two of our longhorns were triple bronze winners at the LWC. Our crop of 2013 heifers is the best ever. If you see something you like please give us a call or email; Cowboy Chex continues to sire great calves.   Remember that we will gladly show you around Deer Creek if you give us a little notice.   Our next news will be at the start of 2014. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.July 2013

Most of you have now received your “Herd Sire” issue of the Longhorn Journal. Take a look at the inside fold-out with the tremendous prodigy that Cowboy Chex is producing. Whether you are looking for a bull prospect or semen, this should be of interest to all longhorn breeders. If you have an interest in a bull prospect just call me or Bruce.  We are in the dog days of summer and needing more rain. Looking forward to the fall longhorn season highlighted by the LWC.  See you there!

May 2013

This has been a very busy spring-time in the longhorn business. Lots of great sales with Red McCombs and the Millennium Futurity around the corner. Please look at the production record that Cowboy Chex has accomplished in just over six years. He is on the cover of The Longhorn Journal, Herd Sire Edition and I think that everyone in the industry will be amazed at his production. If you want a Cowboy Chex son in your herd, we have some great 2013 bull prospects. We are also very pleased with our two additions to “Club 80”, Win By A Mile and BL Pretty Woman. By this time next year we expect to have six cows in Club 80 which significantly improves the genetic base we are striving for.  We have published a new list of “Specials” for you to consider. Also, please make a note that both of our great Junior Sires, Iron Hail and Cowboy Grande will be at the Millennium futurity, check them out if you can.
Have a fun, safe summer.

February 2013

2013 looks like it will be a very exciting year in the longhorn industry. We see more industry groups cooperating, a number of very good upcoming sales and the breed continues to improve at an amazing pace.

At Deer Creek Longhorns we continue to live our motto of “Constant Improvement”. Just take a look at our line-up of bulls and cows but especially the young longhorns who will make our program over the next five years. We believe that with Cowboy Grande and Iron Hail we have two of the best bulls under two years that we have ever seen. Cowboy Grande was 50” TTT @ 15 months and Iron Hail may hit 70” @ 24 months. The different genetics that these young bulls bring to Deer Creek is very exciting. Our senior sires, Cowboy Chex, Rio Whisky and Dancing Bull continue to produce outstanding calves. Cowboy Chex wowed the crowd at the 2012 World Championship being the sire of five class winners. If you do not have Cowboy Chex genetics in your program you are missing out. We still have some great prospects from our 2012 bull crop.

We will have some great consignments at sales in 2013. We are selling our outstanding full sister to Cowboy Grande, DC Cowboy’s Angel, at the Legacy sale. We have four top class consignments at the Legacy, five at The Red River Sale, and two at The Cherry Blossom Sale. As we add more they will be posted here. You can also see Cowboy Grande and Iron Hail at the Millennium Futurity.

Have a great year, see you down the longhorn trail.

October 2012

 We have been blessed with a year of good rain and very good calves. For those of you going to the Horn Showcase, you will get to see our Cowboy Chex son, Cowboy Grande, making his first public appearance. On his First Birthday he measured 41 5/8" TTT and 44" TH, making him one of the longest horned one year old bulls on record. We are continually amazed at the calves that Cowboy Chex produces. His crop of bull calves in 2012 is exceptional. A number of these calves have been sold, but some of the very best are a little younger and will be available after weaning. For those going to the LWC you will get to see Bob Loomis’s Cowboy Chex son, Cowboy Tuff, for the first time. This young bull may set an all-time record at his age in the measurement competition. Congratulations to Bob on this fantastic young bull.

May the holiday season be a blessed time for all of our longhorn friends. Please make sure to vote in this very important November election.

July 2012

We had a very good turnout for the Heifer Haul and sold 33 of the 57 heifers for sale. The average price was $1000/heifer and there were a lot of great bargains for those wanting to re-stock after last year’s drought. We have an incredible crop of 2012 Cowboy Chex bull calves. There will be an eblast going out along with an ad in the Journal describing them. You can preview them now under bull calves. If you are thinking about a new bull, you should really consider one of these calves with dams from some of the top cows in the industry. Have a great summer and keep thinking about rain! Our next posting will be in fall. Happy longhorn trails to everyone.

April 2012 

So far this year we have been blessed with more rain than we had in the entire last year. Grass is knee high and the cows are loving it. The Legacy Sale was a great event as always with a number of new breeders in the audience. This is a great time to start your longhorn herd as prices are very reasonable and hay should be affordable. We have a terrific crop of 2011 heifers and Bob Loomis, Wes Chancey and I are putting on a “Heifer Haul’ on June 9 which will give breeders wanting to restock a chance to grab some good heifers at very fair prices. Check your emails for more information on this event. We are really pleased with the calves we are getting from Cowboy Chex. Take a look at the website and see for yourself. Michelle is going to have her fourth and we hope final surgery in June. Thanks for all the kind words, thoughts and prayers that we have received; we know they help.

January 2012

At Deer Creek Farm we are glad to start the new year with some rain and hope for an improved economy. We always pay attention to our first calf born. On January 4th one of our top cows, BL Lil Buena Joya, had a very nice Cowboy Chex heifer to start the year. We took this as a good sign of things to come. We have some nice cows consigned to The Legacy Sale and look forward to kicking off the sales season in style. We have had over 4” of rain in the last 30 days and for the first time in almost a year our tanks are in good shape and the winter rye is thriving. The cows are eating a lot of grass right now and fortunately ignoring hay for the most part. This shapes up to be one of the most important election years of our lifetime. We encourage everyone to look at the direction our country is headed and make sure you vote. If you think that we cannot sustain a $15 Trillion plus debt take this into consideration and tell your friends what you think. Happy New Year to all of our longhorn friends!