250 year old live oak – “Bea’s Tree”

About Deer Creek Farm
Deer Creek Farm, in the heart of Bluebonnet country, is located in Brenham Texas. We are 75 miles from Houston and 100 miles from Austin, an easy drive from either city. Our land is blessed by some of the largest and oldest live oak trees in Texas, with specimen trees dating over 300 years old and having trunks over eight feet in diameter. We have slightly rolling terrain, good water and grass for cattle. We started as a modest operation in the late 1990’s and once we caught longhorn fever, we have been growing our herd and striving for CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT.  We really enjoy our longhorn friends and visiting and sharing our latest stories with breeders from all over the country.

Our breeding philosophy is driven by a desire to combine genetics in a way to maximize results. We spend a lot of time studying our bulls, cows, past offspring and their lineage before we make a decision on breeding. Our farm team and consultants add valuable insight to all of our breeding decisions. We have a BLENDED HERD which gives us maximum flexibility.  We know the importance of having great bulls and our bull line-up  represents the best pedigrees in our industry. CHECK OUT OUR BULL PROSPECT GUARANTEE.  We are always trying to improve our herd and our herd genetics. We have added some incredible foundation cows.  Our up and coming heifers and young cows are show-cased in our "CLUB 50", which is the future of our program. We currently have over 35 cows with TTT measurements in excess of 70" and 7 in excess of 80". The health and well being of our herd is extremely important to us.  Our farm manager, Bruce Hazelwood, and our veterinarian insure that our cattle receive the very best care.  We take great pride in the longhorns we raise and sell.  Please feel free to drop by and visit our farm. VISITORS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME.

Thank you for your interest in Texas longhorns and Deer Creek Longhorns.

Michelle and Frank Hevrdejs