Date of Photo: 6/30/2016

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Lot#: 01

RM Miss Kitty

Gun SmokePhenomenon's Classy Lady
Date of Birth: 10/1/2004
Description: What can you say about this incredible Gun Smoke daughter? She was just measured by a crew of four in an official HSC measurement and she is 93.25" TTT! This is the second longest measurement ever. Still putting on 1-2 inches of horn per year she may come close to 100" TTT. She has been flushed and we have several of her embryos from top bulls in recips. Call Bruce for more information if you are interested in history.
Owner Name:Deer Creek Longhorns
Breeder:Red McCombs
Notes:Watch "Chasing Miss Kitty" in The Longhorn Journal and see how your cows measure up
Private Herd Number:314
Registration Number 1:C235884
Sales Comments:She had the longest measurement ever until Bob Lommis measured BL Catchit again. Miss Kitty is now back to number 2 where she tries hardest just like Avis. She just keeps putting the horn on and is only 1.5" behind BL Catchit!
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